Policy Development

Policy Development

A policy which has been well researched and clearly documented is an important part of any workplace Drug and Alcohol Program.  Typically, a Workplace Drug & Alcohol policy will contain information about a number of topics including, but not limited to, those listed below.

• The Purpose of the Drug & Alcohol Policy
• The Scope of the policy – under what circumstances and to whom will the policy apply
• Standards which apply to the policy
• The obligations and responsibilities of the various parties to the policy
• Drug and alcohol testing procedures and result management
• Drug and Alcohol education
• Implementation of the policy
• Employee Assistance Programs

The development of an effective Drug and Alcohol Policy requires a high level of consultation with all the parties likely to be impacted by the policy.

JK ProCare Systems has the expertise and experience to guide a company through the development of a Drug & Alcohol policy.  Our services in this area include providing advice and information, attending meetings with staff involved in the policy development, organizing and presenting Drug & Alcohol Education sessions and assisting with the roll-out of the finalised policy.

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